What a day for health

Well I can tell you that my day was busy as frigging heck. Today I had an endocrinologist appointment at 10:25 in the morning. I didn’t see her till about 11:20. We discussed a lot, especially the blood levels, creating a health binder to put my notes in, how I was feeling and things like that. So it was about 12:00 when we left and then I went to DQ with my dad and we got something to eat. I wanted to get home to lay back down, but tested my left side to see if it was still in pain and it was. So there and made my poor dad take me to the urgent care dentistry. This is where all the dental students work with their professors. It took and hour and a half. I’m sure he was not happy, but by going to the urgent care dentistry, you cut your price in half. So I saw a student and a professor. Both were nice. The professor told me that my pain was stimulating through stress and my neck. The student also found one of my lymph nodes enlarged a bit. Both also flossed my back teeth where I was having pain and found food in it. I said, ‘Well that’s embarrassing,’ and the professor just laughed and was really nice and gave me really good advice. I’ve also got an appointment for initial consultation to see a someone to do a cleaning in August, which will be much cheaper option than regular dentists.

I also decided to delete my Weight Watchers account. I didn’t feel like it was helping and I was wasting money. I am going to reread the Paleo diet and see if it is the right diet for me. I am also going to do some soul-searching and really look deep inside of myself. Over-eating is a manifestation of something else. I have to find out what mine is. Anyway that’s my thoughts for now.


Weight Watchers and Physical Therapy

Hey friends,

Well yesterday I started Outpatient therapy. I had Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. Physical Therapy for the most part worked on my legs and ankles. Occupational worked on my arm strength and checked my cardiovascular strength. I didn’t see speech therapy, but I go see all three on Monday. Yesterday was really hard because I was up at 6:10 am, I had an 8:00 appointment. I came home and rested, then did a lot of household chores.

Mom, Dad, and I are also on Weight Watchers. So I am trying to make sure that I do not extend over my points. Apples are a really good food to eat since they are 0 points. I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m getting along. Anyway, I will update soon. Have a great night!


Not as active lately

Hello everyone,

Well I apologize to everyone. I just haven’t felt like being active in my blogging. Since the hospital stay I’ve stayed in the hospital I’ve felt completely different. I’m in a lot a pain and I just can’t seem to get over it. I just want to get over the pain, but the pain won’t go away for me. I can’t be as active, like exercising on the exercise bike, as I used to be. I ache all over. I am hoping I will stop aching very soon.

My Mom, Father, and I; to change the subject, are now trying the Weight Watchers job. So I am going to be trying this diet and hoping this will help me with my weight. However, I also see the bariatric surgeon in April. So I have my finger crossed on that.

Just pray for me to get better. I would appreciate it. Have a good night.