Starting to feel better

Well I know it’s been a long time since I have written. I apologize to you all. I was in a depression for a long time because of many issues. Mostly involving freedom. On Monday, I was considered officially seizure-free for six months. So now I am able to drive on my own. I do not need to be driven around anymore. Sometimes this is a freedom that people take for granted. I don’t. I am very grateful to be able to drive by myself. Next week I am going down to visit one of my best friends and I am so excited. Life is looking up for me in certain areas. All though in the weight loss area I am still having trouble. I am looking forward and trying to keep positive. I’m happy and this is the happiest I have been for a while. I will update soon.



My Botox Treatment

Well today was my first Botox treatment. It was an early appointment and I was glad I got it out of the way this morning. The Botox treatment for migraines is where you get 31 shots in your shoulders, neck, back of the head, and face. The lady I see brought in three needles and stuck in different spots. She started in the shoulders. It was very painful, especially in the face. I have smallish bruises where she had to pinch in my forehead. So I am hoping that this will work with me. I’m very optimistic. My next treatment will be in three months and so I’ve got some waiting time ahead. Well, I will update you soon. Have a good night.


It’s been a long time

Hello everyone,

I usually don’t stay away from my blogs this long, however, I have had a serious bout of depression and I just haven’t had interested in updating. Over the past month I have gained weight and my headaches have returned. I have had to use ice packs again. However, my depression is keeping me weighed down and I just don’t seem to want to do anything that I have wanted to do in the past. On the upside, I saw my headache specialist and she got me approved for botox shots. So I am calling tomorrow for an appointment for the botox shots for my migraines.

Today, I visited both a psychiatrist and a social therapist. The psychiatrist has upped my dose on my depression medicine to help with energy. I am seeing the social therapist again within two weeks. Hopefully, something will come of it. Lately, I just can’t help but feel sad and depressed. I’m just trying to deal with it everyday and it is very hard to do.

I’m sorry for the long update. I will talk soon.

What a day for health

Well I can tell you that my day was busy as frigging heck. Today I had an endocrinologist appointment at 10:25 in the morning. I didn’t see her till about 11:20. We discussed a lot, especially the blood levels, creating a health binder to put my notes in, how I was feeling and things like that. So it was about 12:00 when we left and then I went to DQ with my dad and we got something to eat. I wanted to get home to lay back down, but tested my left side to see if it was still in pain and it was. So there and made my poor dad take me to the urgent care dentistry. This is where all the dental students work with their professors. It took and hour and a half. I’m sure he was not happy, but by going to the urgent care dentistry, you cut your price in half. So I saw a student and a professor. Both were nice. The professor told me that my pain was stimulating through stress and my neck. The student also found one of my lymph nodes enlarged a bit. Both also flossed my back teeth where I was having pain and found food in it. I said, ‘Well that’s embarrassing,’ and the professor just laughed and was really nice and gave me really good advice. I’ve also got an appointment for initial consultation to see a someone to do a cleaning in August, which will be much cheaper option than regular dentists.

I also decided to delete my Weight Watchers account. I didn’t feel like it was helping and I was wasting money. I am going to reread the Paleo diet and see if it is the right diet for me. I am also going to do some soul-searching and really look deep inside of myself. Over-eating is a manifestation of something else. I have to find out what mine is. Anyway that’s my thoughts for now.

If it isn’t one thing it’s another

Ugh! I’m still feeling like crap with this whole cold issue, though it seems to almost be wiped out. My nose is still running like hell. Anyway, now I’m having trouble with my teeth. Especially on the left side there is a tooth that is hurting me bad. I don’t know why. It just seemed to start all the sudden. So I might be seeing the dentist tomorrow. Ugh. Why me?

Sick, depressed, and busy

I haven’t updated in a while and I apologize. There has been a lot running through my mind. This week, on Monday, I saw the neuropsychologist and a lot of what he said didn’t resonate with me and it made me feel depressed and hopeless. He said that my left brain had been affected and that the language and spatial capabilities are below average. He also told me that my driving capabilities might have been affected during these last two seizures which they weren’t. How do I know? I had got really upset with my father and took my car out up the street, nothing changed. I know that he knows what he is talking about, but I feel that I can prove these people wrong. I feel that I am back in elementary school where the teachers are calling me dumb. And I know this guy isn’t, but that’s how I feel.

On top of this, I got sick from my father the other day. Today, my nephew comes over for the night, which is going to be nice. It has been a long while since we have had him over. We just get to see him two times a week. So it’s nice to have him over, but I have to be careful with being sick still. I’m better, but it’s lingering.

Lately, I honestly have felt trapped in my feelings of depression and anger and sadness. I just don’t know what to do. I was finally able to draw again. Which it has been months. I’m getting excited about a few things, but I just still feel caught. I hate feeling this way and I hope I will get out of it soon. Anyway, that is what is going on now.


What doesn’t set off a migraine?

So I ended up going to the E.R. on Saturday. They ended up giving me I.V. fluids and a strong medicine for nausea which pretty much kicked it out, but I am still having some pain. Not as much thank goodness. The hospital did send me home with some information on what might set off a migraine. Some of the foods include: chocolate, yogurt, cheese (especially aged). What the hell man? I’ve been eating chocolate yogurt from Yoplait, so I guess that will have to be stopped for a while. Ya’ll aren’t going to stop me from eating cheese, but I do need to reduce my intake. I just wonder, what doesn’t set off a migraine? Goodness. Maybe I caused it. I was doing so good before it came on. The daiths were working, and still are. This is crazy. Gotta do some research.