Hello everyone! My name is Serenity and welcome to my blog. I swore to myself that I wouldn’t do another weight loss blog again…and I’m not. This isn’t a weight loss blog. This is a blog about changing my life style. My primary goal is losing weight, this is true, but losing weight isn’t important to the whole of me. Yes it is to help with my other conditions, but I also need to pay attention to myself as a whole. Every year I have made goals to lose weight when I should have realized that it is not just losing weight that is important, it is every part of me that is important. My physical, mental, and spiritual part of me. So this blog is not just about weight loss. It is a journey. It will detail my ups and downs and other challenges along the way.


How is this different from your other blogs?

This blog focuses on my lifestyle. My other blogs focus on reading and books, my personal life, and religion. You can visit them in the link section.

Will weight loss be your main priority?

Yes and No. Weight loss is important because it will help with other issues that I am helping, but I am not obsessed. I do not weigh myself everyday. I do not plan to talk about the next diet. I will talk about how I am doing maybe two to three times a week.

Why do you feel you need a lifestyle change?

I’m getting too old (in my mid-30s) and I need to get healthier and change my way of living. Besides we all want to be healthier and live longer.

That’s a little about me and the blog. If you want more information leave a comment and I will get back to you soon.